Teams working better together

Regular meetings are a common feature of teams. The cost is high in terms of time that could be spent doing other aspects of the job, and of money, given the hourly rate of those present. Motivation is high to make best use of this time to maximise the potential for impact on those present, the people accountable to them and the users of their services.  

Taking time out on an away day with an external facilitator gives space, energy and focus to a team to tackle issues affecting their use of meetings and to agree changes they will make in future. 

After a briefing on the purpose and context, Sarah will plan the programme and the process and chair the discussions on the day to ensure the aims are met and agreed decisions are made. This service is for boards of charities and workgroups who want to maximise the benefits of their time together in meetings. 

This service is also offered to teams who want to clarify roles and relationships or review/update systems and processes.

Individual development

Sarah offers one to one meetings with managers new to their role or who have taken on new responsibilities. She gives a confidential and independent space in which the leader shares current developments, problems to solve and concerns with their teams. Sarah assists them to take on different perspectives and to reflect, analyse and plan specific actions. She provides individual encouragement, challenge and support. The empowerment gained from greater insight and understanding leads to development in the role and enhances leadership skills. 

Sarah works with individuals and groups to find their own way forward. Development related to strategic direction, operational management, team development and performance management issues may all be addressed using an ethical and transparent approach.

Sarah’s work on individual development is based on knowledge of theory of leadership and management and the learning from many senior managers who attended training programmes she has facilitated. Sarah also draws on her own experience of higher education leadership as Head of Division at De Montfort University, Leicester where she led two teams of 30 colleagues. 

Example project with the National Student Survey

In her role of Head of Division, Sarah coached, motivated and supported a newly formed team to devise and deliver an action plan to address the concerns raised by students in the National Student Survey 2013. The impact of these actions was evidenced by the 30% increase in the satisfaction score a year later.