Sarah Hargreaves
Sarah is a professional management consultant and trainer specialising in people and organisation development.
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Sarah is a professional management consultant specialising in people and organisation development working with charities, third sector organisations, universities and government bodies. 

Sarah’s consultancy focuses on work with: 

  • Boards and senior leadership teams of charitable companies limited by guarantee and charitable incorporated organisations who seek external input to develop strategy to meet emerging demands, to solve problems and to respond to opportunities.
  • Organisations who want to achieve their vision and their goals by reviewing, changing and developing processes, structures and culture. 
  • Teams, boards of charities and work groups who want to maximise the benefits of their time together in meetings 

Track record

Sarah’s consultancy work draws from extensive experience in charities and organisations working in the public sector both as an organisation development consultant and trainer and as a senior manager in a national youth organisation and at a university. Her skills have developed over many years working with people in a wide range of organisations and settings facing different challenges.

Current context

With greater demand for the services provided by charities, the third sector and local authorities and fewer resources, there is growing pressure on people who deliver the services to do more with less every day. In this context, colleagues need to actively commit to their strategic role amongst the operational demands, to using time in meetings to best effect, to retain their care and respect for colleagues and to continue to listen to users and involve them in the work. 


Sarah is a consultant engaged in helping people achieve their potential through:

Experience-based organisation development

Organisation development consultancy enables the people and the organisation to achieve their vision and their goals. Her approach focuses on the areas of process, structures and culture. Activities can include business development strategy, governance review, team building and leadership development to name just a few. More on organisation development >>

Empathetic strategy creation

Apply the knowledge, skills and ideas of your team to your organisation’s business strategy with impartial and group meeting facilitation. Professional facilitation may be the missing piece in your organisation’s strategic development. More on strategy creation >> 


Values and approach

Her work with people in organisations is underpinned by:

  • Social justice values
  • Active listening
  • Detailed observation
  • Clear thinking
  • Effective project management
  • Succinct writing
  • Delivery to time and quality standards
Sarah Hargreaves was an excellent trainer who was willing to listen and tailor the training to our needs. All of the content was relevant and stimulating. I was motivated by the training and encouraged to think strategically. Sarah facilitated the drawing up of an Action Plan for our hospice board which we are going to progress.
Lucinda Watt, Vice Chair of a hospice which commissioned an in-house masterclass
The trustees have responded that the day was most helpful, thought provoking and enjoyable. They all thought your input was very informative and encouraged discussion/debate throughout the day. Everyone confirmed that the notes you prepared covered all the issues discussed and in particular the issues requiring action.’ Graham Parr, Chairman, East Lancashire Hospice, May 2018.
I highly recommend Sarah for her:
  • Ability to grasp quickly the approach, values and priorities of the organisation
  • Ethical and transparent approach that gains trust from those involved
  • Energy and warmth engaged in delivering the work
  • Knowledge and expertise focused on working out possible ways forward
  • Skills in facilitation, and her
  • Attention to detail and commitment to keeping to time and to budget.
David Praill, Chief Executive, Hospice UK Hospice UK
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