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Individual counselling

People come to see me for:

  • Anxiety, stress and depression

  • Relationship worries

  • Grief, loss and bereavement

  • Feeling too sensitive or emotionally unavailable

  • Loneliness

  • Surviving life transitions

  • Work related issues 

  • Abuse

  • Addictions

  • Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness

  • Low self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness

  • Questions about their identity and true self and what they truly want for themselves in life


And for many other reasons. Whatever is worrying you, please do get in touch. You don’t need to struggle alone.

I use a person-centred, integrative, trauma-informed approach. This means that I listen to your story, find out what you most want out of our time together, and then tailor my way of working and number of sessions to your individual needs and preferences.

Adolescents & Young Adults

I see a lot of adolescents and young adults and really enjoy my sessions with them.

I like to work in a relaxed, relational way to build a safe space and provide the time and opportunity for young people to explore their thoughts, feelings and concerns.


This way they can develop their own perspectives on their early and current life experiences. They can become more confident and trusting in themselves.


A Word About Trauma

I believe that trauma comes in many guises, including:

  • Acute shock trauma

  • Attachment and developmental trauma arising from childhood experiences in the home, school or environment

  • Cultural trauma

  • Intergenerational trauma


Trauma experiences may be very obvious, but can also be very subtle. Many people are unaware that experiences that are traumatic to the developing Self can arise in apparently normal home environments, often unintentionally. For example, when needs for healthy autonomy and independence are not met as we grow up, or when certain emotions are not acceptable in the family.

Trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout are also extremely common in the humanitarian and diplomatic professions. Caring deeply and pushing-on in physically and emotionally challenging situations may come at a price. Especially when combined with the demands of a globally-mobile, expatriate lifestyle and work-family-life balance challenges.

Personal Growth & Development


I believe most of us at various times in our lives can benefit from having more intentional, harmonious connections to our minds, bodies and hearts and to all our many, complex, interrelated parts. I very much enjoy supporting people – students, trailing spouses, parents, empty nesters, retirees – at the various transitional points in life that can be so challenging.

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